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Important Files
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B.2 Important Files in Your Home Directory




C-shell initialization command; run at each csh invocation


Start-up file for GNU Emacs


Start-up commands for ex and vi editors


Contains an address that tells /usr/lib/sendmail where to forward your electronic mail


C-shell history


Korn shell start-up file


C-shell initialization command script; run only on login


C-shell commands executed automatically on logout


Mail start-up file


Initialization and macros for FTP


Commands and macros for procmail mail agent


Bourne- and Korn-shell initialization commands


Contains the names of the remote accounts that can log into your account via rsh and rlogin without providing a password

.XDefaults, .Xinit, .XResource, .Xsession

X Window System start-up files


Start-up file for xinit

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