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Internet Information Resources
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13.7 Summary

There is a wealth of information available through the network. Much of the available material provides information about TCP/IP and networking. The RFCs are, of course, a great source of information, but many RFCs are not written for beginners. It can be difficult determining which RFCs to read first. To help you make that decision, some RFCs that provide general information are identified as FYIs (For Your Information). The FYIs can be obtained from in the same manner as the RFCs.

In addition, you can find many books and papers about networking. My favorite reference to Internet information resources is The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog, by Ed Krol (O'Reilly & Associates). Not only does it explain how to use the information retrieval tools introduced in this chapter, it provides a well-organized catalog of many of the information sources available on the network.

As you explore these information sources, you'll see that there is much more to the network than can ever be covered in one book. This book has been your launching pad - helping you connect your system to the network. Now that your system is up and running, use it as a tool to expand your information horizons.

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